Useful and Quick Tips for Rise of Kingdoms Newbies

Rise of Kingdoms gameplay has the power to attract online game lovers, all because of its 11 civilizations, 34 heroes and real combat.

What else any player wants when he gets a chance to show his combat skills through such an amazing game?

If you are a newbie and do not know much about Rise of Kingdoms, we have a huge collection of useful and quick tips just for you. They will surely help you a lot in having an ultimate start in the game. No doubt everything seems to be easier than it actually is, but with practice, you can achieve anything. So, let’s go through the given tips.

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  • You should never attack cities at the beginning of your game, as it may result in losing more than you gain. So never burn cities unless you are not familiar with the game.
  • Leveling your Legendary Commanders further than level 10 till the first skill maxed is not a good idea at all.
    Never spend money if you know nothing about the game. If you want to be a jumper, firstly learn about the jumper and then proceed with it. Being a jumper has its own advantages, like you can buy hundreds of the in-game bundles.
  • You must have a short-cut goal to be a part of the first alliance gaining control of The Lost Temple which is located somewhere in the center of the map. The alliance that will gain this temple at the first will be eligible to receive the rewards.
  • The best idea is to always start your game from the outer zones of the map. Here, you have to work with your team so that you can control the passes scattering all around the par and move gradually towards the center of the map.
  • Once you have the Lost Temple, your next goal must be to compete for the Lost Kingdom map which is located next to your kingdom. After this, you will be able to obtain more rewards.
  • It is very important to find a good alliance. If you are working with an alliance, be loyal to them and always work as a team something like you work with other team members in your company.
  • Never attack people randomly for no reason. This results in bringing the acts of revenge from the alliance of those people. Always keep in mind that if your status sucks, you are going to have a very hard time in the kingdom.
  • Being a newbie you are not aware of the tactics and skills required to own an alliance, so never start an alliance. Having an alliance requires a lot of work, which you might be not prepared for this. It is something like trying to start a business just after you complete your high school, it is really very hard.
  • No doubt City Hall is the most important building in the Rise of Kingdoms, but the second one is Alliance Center. The higher the level you achieve, the more help you will have from your alliance, thus ease and quick your work of building or researching things. In addition, you can also obtain research speed bonus.
  • You must not waste your resources tokens, so save them in inventory and try to learn using them in the events or wars when there is an emergency.

For newbies in the Rise of Kingdoms, there are many more tips to be added in the list. But, if you follow these some of the basic tips, you will learn the gameplay with great pace and in a short time, you will play Rise of Kingdoms like a pro.