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With more than 25 commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, it is not a good idea to pick any commander for your game. You must know about the best commander in the game, which through this article, we are going to share with you.

Each commander is different from one another and has their own abilities to help the players in claiming victory. Like, some are great in gathering resources, some for troops in battle, and some for defense and so on. So, getting the best commander based on a situation is like the right start of the game. So, you must choose the best from the list of unlocked commanders.

Let’s go through this list to make a better choice in your case.

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Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII is a great choice when you want to collect resources. Though it is quite difficult to get, this commander specializes in collecting stone as well as also works great in improving other resources. If you want to use her, you have to unlock her third skill.

Some Best Commanders Guide in Rise of Kingdoms

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Gaius Marius

Gaius is one of the easiest commanders in this list which can be used for resource gathering; especially food gathering and can boost other resources as well.

It can be upgraded to third skill, where beyond this will increase the load capacity and will be able to gather more resources.

Joan of Arc

Joan is used as a resource gatherer as well as the supporter for other commanders in the battle. So, you must work on her. She helps in collecting resources which start from the second skill and increases gathering speed and capacity of your troops.


Boudica is a great offensive commander and a wonderful choice for fighting Barbarians as a result of her second skill. She only requires little work on her so that she becomes a dangerous attacker in a PvP game. You can star her up easily as compared to other rare commanders.

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Cao Cao

Cao Cao is another Legendary commander which is extremely dangerous and fast, and also helpful in boosting cavalry units. He performs excellent against barbarians and in PvP. He is little hard to star up due to his rarity but worth to put the focus on him.

Hannibal Barca (PvP)

Hannibal is also a great commander for support and is also great as a standalone fighter. Even though Hannibal has no extra bonuses against barbarians, still he is highly useful in situations when you want to attack other players or alliance structures.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is a great choice for the best commander to defend your castle. He performs excellent with its third skill and is worth to use for defending your resources and to boost the bonuses for infantry units. So, you need not unlock his fourth skill.

Some Best Commanders Guide in Rise of Kingdoms

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye is another commander as a defender to double up the support. He is an excellent choice to boost Garrison/Watchtower attack and to obtain some bonuses to archer units. Also, it does not require unlocking his fourth skill, instead you must focus on his three skills and get the best out of them.

Charles Martel

Charles is also a good defending commander who uses Thor’s hammer as a weapon. If you want to access his all skills, you will have to star him up and have to work on him to get the real beast.